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Champion Respect. End Abuse.

National media attention on the subject of abuse that occurs in sport at all levels has shed a spotlight on the harmful life-long effects of abuse. We share your belief that we can do more.

Identify | Prevent | Respond

Our goal is to change culture in sport by developing and widely distributing long-term awareness and educational programs to prevent abuse from happening in the first-place.

Preventing Abuse Through Outreach

Our approach to outreach and engagement begins with a first-hand understanding of what we learn every day from our response and resolution process. We partner with evidence-based research institutions and foundations and collaborate with experts in the field of abuse prevention. We established a continuous feedback loop from both community and high-performance sports organizations. The advantage of all of these combined alliances is that it uncovers real needs and heavily informs our content in online training, webinars, interactive toolkits and other learning applications.

Our unique touchpoints with athletes also informs how we develop national policies and best practices specific to maintaining safe sport environments. We are engaging in monitoring policy compliance, accompanied by climate change studies to measure the effects of our outreach.

Help Every Athlete Thrive

We are committed to strengthen all communities by providing free resources for parents, and youth athletes, coaches and volunteers. Your support increases our educational capacity to build a pipeline of multi-media toolkits and downloadable guides and curriculum available to everyone at any time.

With your help, we can educate millions of people to understand the signs of abuse, and what to do when abuse does occur.

The U.S. Center for SafeSport is committed to strong financial stewardship. Our goal is to maximize every resource entrusted to the Center through effective governance, and in keeping operating expenses in-line with what’s required to effectively execute our great mission.