How to find your
SafeSport Courses

Currently and through the start of 2022, the Center is moving all SafeSport online courses (including the SafeSport® Trained Core) to a new learning management system.

Because each sport or training client is transitioning on its own schedule–Check with your organization to confirm the learning system now active for your trainings. Instructions for all stakeholders for accessing SafeSport courses are listed below.

How to Access Courses

On New Learning System at*

  • All Non-Olympic and Paralympic Movement affiliates
    • Non-affiliated learners: Click for instructions
    • Center training organization partners: Use instructions and keys provided by the Center; contact Training Support or your account administrator for these.
  • Olympic/Paralympic affiliates: Contact your NGB for timelines and registration instructions for required SafeSport courses.


Check with your organization’s athlete safety liaison or training coordinator for registration instructions specific to your NGB.
*Most NGB members moved to in 2021; sunsets for all in early 2022.

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