Resources to Help Prevent Abuse and Misconduct in Sport

Headlines covering abuse and misconduct in sport can seem too big, too daunting. Where do we turn for answers? How do we become part of the solution?

The U.S. Center for SafeSport can help. The Center was established to develop accountability through national SafeSport® policies and abuse prevention education on emotional, physical, and sexual abuse and misconduct within the Olympic and Paralympic Movement. With a mission to support athlete well-being and to end abuse in sport, the Center developed in-depth resources and tools so everyone can learn to create safer sport settings.  

Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies

One such policy is the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies, or MAAPP. When implemented by teams or sport and recreational organizations, the MAAPP sets protocols that limit one-on-one adult/minor interactions, among other safeguards. The MAAPP toolkit has dozens of resources in multiple languages dedicated to the protection of minor athletes. These resources are adapted for all sport participants and roles including parents, coaches, administrators, and volunteers.

Emotional & Physical Abuse & Misconduct Toolkit

The new Emotional & Physical Abuse & Misconduct Toolkit defines specific examples of bullying, hazing, and harassment and includes facts on what is considered physical misconduct. The toolkit explores powerful subject matter such as the coach and athlete relationship, trauma-informed coaching, and bystander intervention and provides guidance on ways to prevent, recognize and respond to abuse.

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