SafeSport Training Puts You In Play to Support Athlete Safety

Whether it’s baseball, volleyball, or pickleball that sparks their passion, kids should feel safe and supported in every sport, on every court. And it’s hard to disagree when we see a young athlete’s eyes light up, charged by the satisfaction of a goal reached, a friend made.

Fortunately, it’s easy to take meaningful steps to keep this light from dimming. By learning essential principles and practices for preventing and addressing inappropriate activity that may occur in active settings, you can be an informed ally and champion of athlete well-being in your community. The U.S. Center for SafeSport is working to deliver more than 5 million trainings by the end of 2023—through over a dozen affordable and accessible courses that empower parents, coaches, athletes, and more to create and reinforce safe sport settings. You or your organization can get SafeSport® Trained today to join a national community aligning against athlete abuse.

SafeSport courses help you:

Basketball player and recognize, prevent, and respond

Diverse Options for All

SafeSport courses are tailored for varied roles and needs, with options that include:

  1. The SafeSport® Trained Core: A comprehensive 90-minute overview of facts, principles, and strategies to help you provide safe and positive sport environments-and a flagship training for millions across the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement
  2. Two youth-oriented courses that introduce athlete safety principles in easy-to-absorb ways: SafeSport for Youth Athletes (ages 13-17) and SafeSport for Kids (ages 5-12)
  3. Role-oriented courses for Volunteers, Parents, Adult Athletes, Health Professionals, and those supporting Athletes with Disabilities. 92% of learners felt better prepared them to protect athletes from misconduct after taking the SafeSport® Core Trained course.

Get Trained Today!

Abuse prevention is a team sport: we all can get informed, aware, and motivated to ensure that every person in every sport feels safe. Visit our SafeSport Courses for All page or contact a training liaison at your organization—and join millions of allies we’ll equip this year to safeguard every athlete, everywhere.